S.L. Best Services, Inc.

Serving Metro Atlanta Since 2002

Keeping Technology Working for You!


Our Mission: Protecting organizations and their missions by protecting their data & networks, and minimizing downtime.
Our foci: Full System Backup + Access to your system in as little as 10-Min. + Full System Recovery

SL Best Services, Inc, started in 2002, and provides information technology services, specializing in data backup & recovery, and protection from ransomware for small businesses, and professional health and legal practices in the Atlanta, GA area. We also provide hardware, and system maintenance and resolution.

Our principal, Sheila Best, MCSE – CEO is supported by Tom Best, MBA – Dir. Operations & Marketing

Our goal is to protect our clients’ businesses by helping to ensure the continuity of their operations by protecting the data & IT systems they utilize. We deliver high capability, high quality Data backup & Recovery Services with minimal downtime at a great value relative to cost, while nearly eliminating the risks of data loss, cyber-attacks, and reducing their associated costs: ransom, process inefficiency, lost revenue, and wasted employee salaries.

We provide them comprehensive system backup and recovery, maximized uptime, network maintenance, and concern resolution. We meet practice specific needs including HIPAA compliance and protocols for privacy and legal document retention, deploying our experience, our capabilities in Backup & Recovery, and Remote Monitoring & Maintenance as the primary components in the success of these efforts.

Core Competencies

  • System Backup, Emergency Access, System Recovery
  • Minimizing Downtime – 10 Min Emergency Access your data, operating system, and critical software
  • IT Network Security
  • Connectivity and Remote Access
  • IT Network Management
  • Computer Hardware, Network Hardware