Backup and Remote Data Storage

Backup and Remote Data Storage

70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. If your business lost its data, how long would you be in business?

The most important component in your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy is the ability to back up and store your critical data to a secure offsite location. SL Best Services’ Data Backup and Business Continuity Solution is the answer.

Our Data Backup and Business Continuity Solution is local AND remote, and securely encrypts your data and applications on-site before they leave your premises. Also, it backs up your data and applications automatically to our secure off-site datacenters. Two storage locations provide redundancy and security to the lifeblood of your business.

When necessary, restoring files securely over the Internet takes just a few mouse clicks. SL Best Services’ Backup, Remote Data Storage and Data Recovery capabilities meet Compliance Requirements for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI.

To quickly recover from hardware failures, viruses, or accidental deletion, it is important to have an on-site backup in addition to the off-site copy. This backup allows businesses to quickly recover from data loss due to common causes.

Additionally for large data volumes in full system failures or damage, or should your office be inaccessible or unavailable, a new device can be shipped overnight to your location with all of your otherwise-lost data and applications. This allows businesses to recover multiple terabytes (1 million MB) of information in 24 hours, which would be nearly impossible through Internet transfer.

Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits our Remote Data Storage and Business Continuity Services can provide your organization.

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